Home Weather Station Users

Anyone know what’s up with the Windows error message addressed to “Home Weather Station Users”. Whenever WD crashs, which is getting to be more and more often, I get the above error message and if I send a report off to Bill, it takes half an hour at dial up “speeds”. :cry:

Some where you have checked with windows xp to send an error report when something goes awry.

I think Windows assumes you only use Microsoft because we all live in a cave or something. So when there is an error , it send the message.

On the other foot, It also send a report about the program and perchance someone in their dead program office might take an interest and produce a fix for version zillion for windows.

You choice, not necessary. I would let Brian know if it become a regular thing. :wink: :lol: :smiley: :slight_smile: :evil:

Well sort of, it was doing it for Windows 98 too. But my question was more directed at “home weather stations”. Why Home weather stations?

Generic name.

its what i have given the file name property for weather display

is there a pattern in the crashes?
at a certain time?
after a 5 day forecast update? (if so, then make sure you are using 9.73e)
keep an eye on the memory use…

i have changed the file name now, to weather display, instead of for home weather stations, for the next version

I think the “pattern” was Norton Cleansweep. I unistalled and have not had a problem for four days now. Got suspicious because there didn’t seem to be “when” pattern like you asked.

thats good news!
another thing to check is windows 2000 by default sets the hard drive to idle after 1 hour on the power saving…set to never…