Hobby Boards Update

After 12 years of providing 1-Wire solutions to thousands of users Hobby Boards is closing it’s doors. Sales are no longer enough to keep me afloat so I have had to take work outside of Hobby Boards.

The store will continue to be open for the time being to sell out the remaining inventory but processing time may be longer than normal. After an item is sold out it will not be restocked so don’t wait around to get your last bits of 1-Wire kit that you need to complete your system.

I would like to thank all my customers over the years, it was a fun ride.

Eric Vickery
Hobby Boards

Sorry to read that Eric, I think hobby-boards will be missed :frowning:

oh, that is sad,just when I had added support for the 8 channel 1 wire relay , even with remote control (which has so many possibilities of use)
is there anyone else that can take over? (or who provides the same hardware)?

I make circuit boards for a living, but we don’t add the circuits to the boards. The circuit board itself would seem very easy to make. But then, someone else would have to solder the circuits onto the board

Id hate to see 1-wire go away also… So many people use them.