Hmmm - I've done something wrong

I have done something that has resulted in nothing being reported on my test system. It uses the DS9097U and worked until I started messing around with the “station” settings. I switched it from Dallas 1-wire to ‘stationless’ to so that it wouldn’t search for the other devices, and then it flatlined everything. After switching back to Dallas 1-wire station (where it worked flawlessly before), it recognizes the individual devices in Setup, but reports nothing. I have tried a re-install and older versions, same thing.

I tried plugging in a singe device into the DS9097 - it recognizes the ID but won’t report it.

Any ideas?

you will need to make sure the station temperature rom id is recognised and set
paste here what is shown in the dallas 1 wire setup window

My station is working fine at the other location…but I can’t test stuff here without the station.

Here’s the Dallas setup page. From the screen capture, you can’t see the temperature ROM id…but it’s 740008004398D410 as listed in the right had side. Also, my data received and quality are ticking along fine.

ok, so , if you just have dallas 1 wire sensors but no actyualy weather station (i.e it says version 3 direction not found), then instead set as a stationless mode weather station type, and go to the com port setup, and tick i want to use a dalllas 1 wire as well, and select the com port to use

(I posted this reply incorrectly - I will delete the previous post)

I think that’s how I got here. I decided to switch to stationless…and it worked for a bit, but then I ended up with no info. So I tried to switch back. I have tried an older version - same thing.

Could a bad DS9097 do this?

try restarting by deleting the wdisplay.ini file from c:\windows or c:\winnt

I will give that a try. I won’t be there until tomorrow…so I’ll have to wait til then.

Thanks Brian!

I am now again able to spend some time trying to get my test system back. I tried deleting the ini file, but it won’t find any sensors using stationless or Dallas V3. The display shows the last valid data - but won’t update at all.

What’s the best way to start from scratch again?

try using stationless
but under com port settings, tick i want to use a dallas 1 wire as well, and set the com port number there (different than the normal com port above that), and tick i want to use a dallas 1 wire temperature as my main station temperature

try that

I have had some progress on getting WD back running…but here’s my problem.

  • I have selected Stationless, checked the Com port to use at the bottom (which is the same one I identified at the top).
  • it finds all the devices when I review the “setup for Dallas 1-wire”
  • of the 3 sensors it finds, it seems to track 2 of them, but the main one doesn’t change.
  • I have moved the devices around to see if it is the device and although it works fine in one of the “extra” positions it won’t showup on the main temp. The value never changes (even when I hold it to warm it up).

I must still have a setting wrong somewhere.