History of weather.

Well I am starting to get to the point were my webspace is getting to full I have to clean up or move my site some place else. My question is how much does everyone even save when it comes to the history you have of your weather station? I am thinking of just keeping a year on the server and deleteing anything else that is older.

What do you all think?


Just out of interest how much space has it taken up?

Around 4.3MB. But I do have other things on the site then just the weather station. I have a few webcams that save a history of pictures on it 2.

I would have thought that you webcams were probably what needs tidying up more than WD!

How much is enough history? Well…that depends on how much history you want to keep :wink: I’ve kept everything because I have enough space on the server, but I could imagine that some sites may only be interested in the current weather, or perhaps the weather over the last week, so might keep very little. With climatological records ‘enough’ usually means more than a couple of hundred years!

Have you considered changing to another web host that gives you more space?

I have been thinking of pulling the plug on all the cams but one and make that one my weather cam.

As for space I thought that would come and and yes I am thinking of it also. But I would have to do some reading about it being that I have no idea where to start…But that would be neat…