Highest gust speed not showing date of month

Hi and thanks for a great board and awesome software :smiley:

I got a problem I hope can be solved here.

When I watch the records on my web site, the “Highest gust speed” don’t show the date on the month - only 00/
How to correct this?

I use the WDL v 6.03 and WD 10.73L

Thanks in advance :wink:

You haven’t posted the address of your website so the first step is to look at the data coming from WD and checking that WDL is displaying that correctly. You can use the clientraw parser to do this - http://www.tnetweather.com/wd-parser.php


Thanks for reply Julian.
I did the parser test but I don’t know how to locate and fix the problem :?
Address for my weather site is http://www.floranett.no/weather/ …and hope you can help me locate the problem.
Just update to the WD 10.37M, but still the same.

Thanks in advance

The data is coming from WD like that (see screenshot from the parser below) so this is really a WD question.


Ok Julian.
Could you maybe move this topic to the right WD section or do I have to re post there?

Thanks a lot for the help my friend.


try setting those correct values in WD under action, enter my own all time records

not sure why they are 0 for you like that

Hi windy.
I just tried to manually set new hour and date on the maximum wind gust, but it set it self back to old data ](*,)


I just tested here
works correctly

make sure to click on set
and then Yes to save settings

Did it and saved ok, but still 00 for the date and time is incorrect as well.

Thanks Bryan.

note that you would need to wait for the data to get updated to WDL

when I set and saved, and clicked on OK
and then went back into that setup, the day/month/year I changed was remembered ok

Hi Bryan…I finally made it thanks to you :wink:
I forgot to tick the “month to date” field, but after that it shows ok.

Hope the next max windgust will show up correct next time with date.

What do you think Bryan, and thanks a lot =D>