Hide current status

How do you hide your “online” status in the categories, time you last accessed the forum, time spent reading etc?
It all seems to be public with no option to disable it and a bit data “sharey” to me.

In Preferences/Interface you can hide your public profile (the popup user card) and presence, but I understand there is no way of hiding one and not the other - yet!

In the Interface settings in your Profile you’ll find “Hide my public profile and presence features”. Enabling that should hide it…BUT…if you do that it makes it difficult for anyone to send you a PM or chat because the buttons for that are on your profile.

There may be changes to this functionality in future but it’s not here yet and not even confirmed that it will be added.

I tried that setting, and it still left the online ring around my avatar and showed me in the online list in categories.

As you say it also prevents people PMing you as well.

Would I be correct in thinking it only shows when logged in and not when not logged in

The online ring does only show when you’re online.

Unfortunately there aren’t currently options available to do what you’re wanting. I’ve tweaked a couple of settings though. Online status is now only displayed to logged in users and also only to users at Trust Level 2 and above. Pretty much all migrated users are still at Trust Level 1. Once someone has reached level 2 they’ve been around on the forum for a while, so new/unknown users won’t see your online status unless they continue using the forum.

Messaging without the button in the profile is no different to messaging in SMF: just mouse over Messages in the menu at left and click on the + sign.

BTW, you can disable Chat in Preferences/Chat. Apparently the button is still visible in your user card but you won’t get any Chat :slightly_smiling_face: