Here we go again....Hurricane Jeanne

Well, starting to see the wrath of Jeanne now.

Quick question: Any limitation on the Wind speed in Weather Display? I know my WS-2310 only goes to 111.8MPH so says the manual…guess I’ll be testing that today… :smiley:

Wish us luck! On second thought…say some prayers for us. Jeanne seems angry…

Thank you,
Royal Palm Beach, FL USA

You should probably do the following if you are expecting high winds.
Under setup > extra settings
about half way down there is an entry that says “over 50 knot wind speed toggle for LaCrosse 2310”.
I’ve never had to use this and don’t know how it will affect your normal wind readings.

Good thinking, Snowman. I’ve seen that before.

The check box doesn’t seem to stay checked for me tho.

I just installed the latest version 10.17r on another (new) server so I’ll try it there. Once it is ready, I’ll be swapping out the old one.


yes, you will need to set that toggle once its goes over 50 knots…
(it then adds 50 knots to the current speed (which then starts at zero again)

i see you must have lost power, and the data extract of the history the barometer is too high (you need to change the offset in the data logger setup), yes?
also, i need to speed up that data extraction…by processing the data after it has all arrived instead of as it arrives

Hello everyone. Made it through hurricane jeane. I’m very proud to tell you all that when the eyewall was just making land fall here again just like Frances my station CW0262 and a NWS employee CWK4ZZR were the only stations reporting data. All ASOS stations went off line when 1 million people lost power. I had a dedicated generator for my station and K4ZZR
was using deep cell batteries. My station recorded one of the highest gusts by any Florida station within 140 miles at 81.2 MPH at that time and getting gusts to 85mph. K4ZZR recorded the lowest pres. in the USA for hurricane Jeane. Here’s the link to the NOAA internal news page about the article.
Thanks Brian for your wonderfull program it never failed me! :smiley:

Very impressive!!

Congratulations on getting thru the storm and being able to keep your station on-line.

Do you by chance know what this blurb from the article is about?

The MADIS quality control information for K4ZZR indicates that in the previous month the pressure measurement was never flagged bad, providing assurance that the 954-mb pressure measurement is valid.

I am going to try searching for some info on MADIS but thought maybe you knew what it is…does someone from CWOP (and/or NWS) monitor our station inputs for correctness?


Thanks very much!
It’s a validating program to make sure the data is accurate.

Good to hear from you again. I couldn’t believe it when St Lucie was predicted to be ground zero for the second time 8O Does your dock still look like that pic on your website?

Thank You! Yes the dock is still there, lost a few planks here and there.
we had about a 8 foot surge, the dock and pilings and everything else was under water. Freeky looking. I had so many lines on the boat that it resembled a bug in a spider web :lol:
Lost a few more roof tiles, the one that frances missed! I have roof leaks but FEMA came and tarped my roof so we’re waiting for the ins. check then trying to find a roofer. It’s amazing 2 eye of the hurricanes within 3 weeks…I’m pretty shot by now 8O

82 mph with a WM918??

because the wm918 only samples every 5 seconds, some instantenous gusts would have been missed…so it could have been higher?

Hi Brian,
Yes I beleive so, probably had gusts over 100mph. 85.2mph was the highest I recorded.
Brian what weather station has the highest resolution that can be used with your program? I want to get better equipment for my home station and also want to convert my 4X4 truck into a mobile APRS weather station. And Brian may I ask how to transmit data when I’m on the road? I’ve read something about packet radio’s but I’m kind of confused or ignorant about the process.
Thank You :smiley:

Have a look at this page for info on APRS:


Thanks!! :smiley: