Here comes the Heat.... a dry heat that is...

After a fairly cool start this year, we have a good chance of hitting the 100

Today’s recipe…

  1. Take 1 Kevin
  2. Peel off any packaging materials
  3. Place in large pool of water
  4. Simmer gently at 100 degF for 3 hours
  5. Peel off skin and serve with artichoke garlic bread and some black bean salsa


Lol Chris

AND you didn’t ask for a picture :lol:

And a picture of Kevin slowly cooking in his pool would have been fun! (well maybe not for Kevin)

Its a HOT pool too… I keep putting water in but it keeps leaking out…


Current Temp [b][color=Red][size=18pt]100.7

In the UK we put concrete and tiles down to stop the water leaking away and I’m sure the Health and Safety people would have something to say about all those exposed bits of metal sticking out at the edges of the pool. I assume they’re lightning protection?

Having said that, the council are building a new local public pool about a mile from me. It should have opened last year but still hasn’t opened…allegedly because the pool has sprung a leak.

Thanks for the support there niko :x :lol:.

That what us cowboys call a waterhole :smiley: :smiley:

[quote author=krelvinaz link=topic=9082.msg64653#msg64653 date=1116191680]
Current Temp [b][color=Red][size=18pt]100.7

had a cold front move through last night… Only in the mid 80’s today. Fixed the pool a bit too…


I’ve just realised…it’s not a pond…it’s the cooling water system for Kevin’s new computer room :hiding:

The real pool is the blue thing in the top right.

So much for the cold front… its gone…

Triples are back starting tomorrow…
[size=12pt]Thu May 19 Sunny 105

Wow, 108 with a 20% chance of rain. You could make tea with that :lol:

[quote author=krelvinaz link=topic=9082.msg64986#msg64986 date=1116424559]
BTW… they did a survey in AZ and asked Zonies when they considered the temps to be “HOT”. Most picked any temp over 105

Well, since this is “Freaky Weather” & and we’re talking Mesa (Phoenix) AZ…

One of the two “freakiest” weather phenomena I have seen was in Phoenix about 3 years ago. I was on assignment there for about 3 months starting in late May. Temp was running around 105 - 115 every day, then we got lots of thunderstorms and rain. (this was the year that a severe “microburst” smashed several of the buildings around the airport and closed the airport for two days). Anyway, one day I was outside, and it started raining. I was deciding whether to make a dash for the building when I realised that my head was getting wet, but the ground was perfectly DRY! Apparently, the rain evaporated completely five feet above the ground! I kept this up for at least 15 min, before it finally cleared up.

The other “freaky” incident was in Miami, FL. about six months before. I went out to get in my car to head off to a work site, and it was starting to rain, but there was not a cloud in the sky. Perfectly clear blue sky, not a cloud in sight, but I could feel raindrops hitting me on the head. At first I though the hotel had the sprinklers going, but after I got in the car and finally found the wipers (don’t you just love rentals?) and dove out of the parking lot, it was still sprinkling two or there blocks away!. From talking to some of the locals, I found that this occurs quite a bit, the humidity reaches 100% and the water starts to condense out near the ground!