Help wth 5 day forecast

HELP !!!

HI Guys. Any help on this problem would really be appreciated.
Here’s my link :

If you look at the 5 day forecast you will see that it’s cut off on the right side. The file that is uploaded to my website is also cutoff, but if I click on the current conditons on my desktop which brings up the metars and the 5 day forecast, the 5 day forecast is correct. Strange. I’ve chacked the web page to see if the width was limited someplace but I can’t find it.

As always thanks for any help. :?

By the way, I had a lightning strike VERY close to the house the other day and it took out the 9097U, but thank fully all the sensors were OK

Cheers :smiley:


try using swcrren res of at least 800x600
and or when view it in wd, scroll it all the way to the left

Hallo MikeyM

Sorry can’t help
my positions here are default and looks okay

I have a problem with the source…
therefore a question to you or somebody from Europe/Neteherlands:
can anyone send me his source/the link to,
of the 5 day forecast as you process in WD in txt or html

I have a txt file from my national weatherforecast office but it doesn’t work proper with WD to a 5 d fcast file
I searched here in Europe for other forecasts but can’t find
Other weatherstations here in Holland don’t have a 5 day forecast
so I can’t ask them…somebody here?

thanks everyone

HI Brian,
I have the same 5 day forecast issue as mikeym. My screen resolution is 800x600. I can see the entire forecast graphic when viewing in WD.
However, if I scroll to the left when viewing the forecast in WD and close, the last day on the right is cut in half when uploaded to my web page.
If I scroll right and close the forecast window just the opposite happens in that the far left day of the forecast is cut in half.
It appears to truncate the forecast5day.gif to 788 pixels wide when uploading.


I solved a problem where a page is cut off on the right side by changing the screen area on my computer to 1024 by 768 pixels. :wink: If your computer will not allow you to increase the screen size to 1024 by 768 pixels don

Thanks CaptDilli. Your suggestion did the trick. :slight_smile:


yes, i will try and squash things up a little bit more for people using 800x600

you can get wd to use full screen under higher than 800x600 too, under setup, general and misc, use full screen :slight_smile: