Help with simple coding please [Solved]

Not sure why this doesn’t work. Any help please much appreciated.

Sorry, still learning how to use this new forum.

I notice that your home page link in menu is pointing to wxindex.php and should be index.php this can be found in the fly out menu script
Also the testtags.php is not being seen possibly the path not set right in the setting
What issue are you having with the radar as looks ok to me

Thanks i fixed the wxindex and everything is uploading. I forgot BoM does not accept https. Ive started another thread with my HTTPS settings in WD.

i just checked your status page again and i think your time zone in settings needs checking as the last update times are 8 hours adrift i should be seeing your time zone

Many thanks mate. I think I have sorted now.

Don’t think so. . . line 125 of Settings.php should have your time zone from the available list at PHP: Australia - Manual

And then have a look at lines 65-80 of wxmetar.php :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm. When I look it’s all good.

Just had another look at your status page at 09:20 utc+1 my time and the last updates showed 16:20 which is correct but the WD weather data showed 12 hour adrift but I then noticed that the clock at the top of the page said 4:20 that’s AM which means that is the cause I think that time comes from the sever?

Yeah. Not sure how to fix as server is in Perth WA where i am.

Apologise for my lack of knowledge in this. Still learning it all.

Is the server time set to local time (unusual) or UTC (more common)?

Not sure. . . I think that’s

$UpdateDate = gizmo_fixup_date($date) . ' ' . gizmo_fixup_time($time);

defined in ajax-gizmo.php from WD. . .

The native webserver timezone doesn’t really matter. The timezone for display on the website is set in Settings.php by $SITE['tz'] = 'Australia/Perth'; and that appears correct.

The -12hr offset in displaying times on the site is likely due to the system running Weather-Display is not set to use Perth local time. When the website first loads, the $date/$time in testtags,php is shown on both the gizmo and dashboard. When ajaxWDwx.js starts execution, the date/time displayed is updated from clientraw.txt. Both clientraw.txt and testtags.php show the ‘current’ date/time as being 12hrs before the actual time in Perth. When that is corrected, all the times should ‘line up’ to Perth date/time

I think he has sorted it now and as Ken said WD was the cause

Yes - and the METARS :slightly_smiling_face:

He’s using the ‘stock’ list of metars from the template.

Select (highlight) and Copy the following text to your wxmetar.php page to replace the existing $MetarList array contents.
The list below is sorted in ascending distance from your station.

He should be using

  // Metar(ICAO) | Name of station | dist-mi | dist-km | direction |
  'YPEA|Pearce (aus-Afb), Australia|7|11|N|', // lat=-31.6667,long=116.0167, elev=38, dated=09-DEC-22
  'YPPH|Perth Intl/Belmo, Australia|12|19|S|', // lat=-31.9333,long=115.9833, elev=16, dated=09-DEC-22
  'YPJT|Jandakot, Australia|24|39|SSW|', // lat=-32.1000,long=115.8833, elev=29, dated=09-DEC-22
// list generated Sat, 12-Aug-2023 11:15am PDT at

to have his local METARs displayed.

He was. . . but I thought he had sorted that, too?

the metars look ok to me all 6 for Australia

Looks like he did correct the METAR list.

Many thanks to you all. I’m still not sure why;
Weather-Display NOAA report
Weather-Display Month report
are 12 hours behind. I’ve looked at the PC, router, and server times and all matches up. So I’m looking at WD as to why these reports are 12 hours behhind.

I think the issue is the computer thinks it’s 4am rather than the correct 4pm or at least WD does at time of this post, and this is impacting all the files you sent to your website from WD
What is strange is that just before midnight your time it was wrong when I checked but at midnight it corrected itself
You may need to doubled check the time zone on the pc clock settings
If possible can you post a screen shot of the WD main screen that shows the clock and the clock of the computer