Help with pws dashboard site …showing The requested URL was not found on this server.
downloaded pws files. Put on my desktop. Right clicked unzip all and it put a new extracted folder on my desktop named pwsWD-2023-10-31.
uploaded the unzipped pws dashboard folder to public html but no joy to start easyweathersetup.
looking at my files on my server doesn’t look right somehow (in order as i see them)

when i click on the +pwsWD-2023-10-31 (the one above the logs) i can see all the files ok
what have i messed up? sorry quite new to this
thanks in advance

Hi pricey,

I am confused. Two days ago you were using easyweathersetup as posted in this topic

Your problem now seems you moved the unzipped folder (normally named pwsWD) to the wrong place.
Your website scripts and folders should be inside the “public-html” folder.
That “public-html” name can be different as providers can use other names also: “html” or “wwwroot”

When the unzipped folder is in the correct place, all should be accessibles again, as it was 2 days ago.


Try renaming the folder to “pwsWD”

Hi Wim. When i unzip the download, the new unzipped folder gets named pwsWD-2023-10-31. Do i rename it?. Does the macosx folder go to my public html too?don’t really know what i did tbh. I tried to get a fresh zip from your site but it said my site was inaccessible. ? Frustrating when my knowledge is limited.

As blainec posted, rename the folder to the name you want to use.
I suggest to use pwsWD but only because that name is used in all examples.

You should move the folder into the public_html/ folder as currently there is no pwsWD/ folder nor a
pwsWD-2023-10-31/ folder in the root of your website.


P.S. The MACOSX folder is only used on AppleMac computers to speed up editting etc.
On windows there are similar hidden folders

Ok Wim thanks. And the macosx folder too?

If you don’t have a Mac, delete it.

Cheers all will try again