Help with new Flash Graphs

Hi Stuart, or anyone that can help me…

Many thanks for the graphs Stuart!

I’ve downloaded the flashgraphs and all seems OK except I get the following error message:

Notice: Undefined offset: 483 in C:\WEBSITE\Flashgraphs\solar1-24hr.php on line 28

This continues through to ‘undefined offset: 576’.

It appears to be relating to the solar1-24 graph, which I have removed to see if it worked, and it did reduce the number of error lines, but some remained.
I’ve also re-downloaded the whole zip file again, to eliminate the option of a corrupt file, but the same thing happened.

The link to the graphs is:

Any help would be much appreciated…thanks Stuart.



The real error is:

Warning: fopen([color=red][b]C:/WEBSITE/clientraw.txt[/b][/color]) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: [color=red][b]Permission denied[/b][/color] in [color=red][b]C:\WEBSITE\Flashgraphs\Flashgraphsconf.php[/b][/color] [b][color=red]on line 247[/color][/b]

Which means that you are attempting to load clientraw.txt from c:/WEBSITE/clientraw.txt and either the file doesn’t have permission to access or it doesn’t exist.

My guess would be a typo since your other charts seem to be working.

So check on line 247 of the script C:\WEBSITE\Flashgraphs\Flashgraphsconf.php to see what you are actually doing compared with the other places you are loading the data.

Thanks…I’ve checked the script (attached), but cannot see anything different to the other files.
I’m a novice with all this php stuff :slight_smile:

If you could check it out, and see if there’s something obvious, I’d much appreciate it.

Many thanks for your help.


Line 247 is:

$fd = fopen($rawfile,"r");

which means that the input file is contained in the variable $rawfile

So you would need to look at what is set in that variable which apparently the script doesn’t like or can’t find.

Are you sure that the clientraw.txt file is located in the path C:/WEBSITE/clientraw.txt ??

I don’t use windows hosting but perhaps this is supposed to be written as C:\WEBSITE\clientraw.txt instead ??

Hi Kevin,

Had a play with the script, still no joy :roll: :roll: oh well got the rest of the graphs working & all up & running on my website.

I’ll leave the solar1-24hr.php file out, aint got a clue! #-o

Many thank for your help though