Help with making my own weather page.

I’m probably too old to understand how to make my own weather page. I have been sitting for several days and tried to find detailed instructions on how to do it but I give up. Also, my English is not good. (Thanks to google translation!) :oops:
I have a Irox Pro Weather Station with Weather Display + Live and my own web domain.
I’m trying to create a weather page with Saratoga script and I tried and tried in every possible way to make it work but failed time after time. #-o
I’ve really been looking in the forum too.
Is there any step by step instructions that even the dumbest idiot like me can understand? (guide for dummies?)


The Saratoga templates do contain detailed instructions both in the pages and on the Saratoga website.

If you want something to get you started then there is this FAQ:

I do not understand the connection between Carter Lake and Saratoga?
But the box with the “create and upload testtags.txt as testtags.php” then?

There is no connection between the Carter Lake in the FAQ that I post and the Saratoga templates. The link will start you with a single page website that you can build on.

Are you having problems creating and uploading the testtags.php file for the Saratoga template?

I used the built in web features from Weather Display - I just followed the wizard (Setup - Web Creation Wizard) and it more or less did it all for me. You can tweak to suit you in Control Panle - Web Files/Web Page Setup). I already had a website and just wanted a weather page as part of it.

Hello again.

Which guide should I follow if I for example want my weather page should look something like this?
I feel a little foolish right now. :oops:

No need to feel foolish, we all started somewhere. :wink:

The website in your link is the Saratoga template with the advanced dashboard added to it. If you want a complete website then use that template but start with the basic version and then you can add too it as you learn more about how it all works. :wink:

Follow the instructions on the Saratoga website and just ask on here if you have any problems. Ken True, the person who runs Saratoga Weather is a member of this forum and he regularly answers questions about the template.

Now I’m happy!
Now I have a basic start to the weather page.
There will be many many hours to learn more about how to proceed.
Thanks for your help and I’ll probably ask for more help later. :smiley:
Now it’s just the rest left to do! :lol: