Help with issue on my site

Having a little problem with my site:

When you first access the site everything is normal. I.E. the temp is right and all weather variables are correct. After the 1st update it reverts to incorrect settings and an incorrect update date of 1/9/2008 11.02 am. Not sure whats going on here but hopefully some one has seen something similar.

Note if you hit refresh it reverts back to the correct readings until the next update.

Any help appreciated. Thanks


Well for starters your clientraw.txt still says its from 1st September which means its not updating. So take a look initially at your clientraw files to see why they are not current. Also lookslike your trends-inc.txt is not being updated by WD and uploaded as trends-inc.html correctly. I’ve also checked your testtags.txt and that is being updated and uploaded OK as testtags.php. So if you sort out your clientraw files and your trends-inc I think the situation will improve.


Hi Broadstairs,

I have looked at the settings in WD and cannot see any problems. Is there something specific I should be looking at?

Any help much appreciated.


You need initially to check the settings for the clientraw uploads, you should start with the Real Time stuff and make sure you know where your live clientraw files are being uploaded to. Then carefully check the instructions for installing the trends-inc files in the package for the Carterlake templates, also ensuring you know where they are being uploaded to. Once these files are being uploaded you should see an improvement in your pages.


I have kinda got this working now but it seems that every couple of days or so the clientraw file gets stuck on the server. If I FTP in and delete it everything starts working again. Not sure why that is so.


if your ftp server allows it, try ticking to rename the file on the server

Thanks Windy. I will try that when I get back home tonight.

Still having an issue with the trends-inc.html not being ftp’d to the website. I have include a screenshot on the setup page so hopefully someone can spot if it is not configured correctly. Note the the testtags.php is uploading fine.

make sure there is no space at the end of the file names
is the trends-inc.html being created/updated on your pc?

Hi Windy,

It appears that the trends-inc.html is not being created or updated. There is an old trends-inc.html that I assume was created when I first set the site up but it has not been updated since. Testtags is being created and updated just fine which to me seems quite strange that this works but not trends-inc?


make sure that the template file (trends-inc.txt) is named correctly
i.e make sure you do not have windows set to hide known file extensions , in the windows folder (i.e it could be called trends-inc.txt.txt)
and that you do not have a space at the end of that file name in the custom web page setup, or similar

Hi Windy, checked all the things that you mentioned but nothing ws out of place. trends-inc.txt is named correctly and has no spaces. I have verified that hide known file extensions is off so I am looking at the correct file name. This is a tricky one!

Hi Dory,

It seems your is out of date

$time = "8:54 PM";	// current time
$date = "04/09/08";	// current date

and your is not found (404).

Your does seem to be current.

Your main site at appears to have a current

It appears you’re uploading testtags.php to (which is current) and
yet the trends-inc.html is not found at and the clientraw.txt there is somewhat out of date.

I think the issue is you’re uploading to two different FTP directories for your site, and the custom tags for testtags.php and trends-inc.html needed by the templates will only go to the primary FTP (not to the secondary one).

You should try installing the template on your main site (it won’t disturb your current site) and switch to using only one FTP upload. If testtags.php and trends-inc.html don’t upload there (after the change), then adjusting the upload interval for file#29 in the custom internet TAB should fix the issues.

Best regards,