Help with creating /uploading WD graphs

Somewhere along the way, I must’ve unticked the boxes that create and upload the current 6 hour and last 31 day graphs that WD creates.

I’ve been ‘fiddling’ with the graphics so I don’t u/l megabytes worth of data that I don’t use, and that’s how it happened.

How do I turn the creation and upload of the 6 hour and 31 day graphs?

(I tried the internet file create / adv internet/ Setup #1 / file#2 graph file, but it create a file called nonamegraph.gif, and it’s for the 24 hour period.)

Appreciate help and instructions…


Found it; right under my nose. The mentioned options and the noname.gif file — Overtype that to curr12hourgraph.gif, and bingo it all works again…


noname happens when you have not entered a station name in control panel, webfiles/web page setup