Help with Carter Lake template

Just need a little help with a Carter Lake style template. If you look on Windy’s site…

you can see the main image is grahamsbeach.gif. I have that image loaded on my Website (with a different name of course) but it does not show. Instead it shows curr24hourgraph.gif which is the R/H side of the image I want. Have been fiddling with the settings but have not found a way to swap images.

Any help would be appreciated.

On the basic Carterlake setup page, what happens when you change the URL in the text box marked “First Image URL” (see fig3 in this FAQ)?
Make sure that you have the correct location in the URL that you put in this box.

Can you put a link to the page so we can have a look at the coding as there may be something we can spot. :wink:

That is a fantastic set up guide and many thanks for the link to it.

You are perfectly correct - I need to change the “First Image URL.”

After reading the guide can now see how to fix a few other things as well.

I think I will be ok now and again thanks for the quick reply.

Glad that helped. :smiley: