Help! WD won't update automatically!


My name is Mike Ross and I am one of the members of Litchfield Public Access cnannels 10 & 13 in Litchfield, MN. This last summer, we purchased WD to run with our Davis WeatherPro to provide the city with local, up-to-date weather data. The system has been working quite well until about 2 weeks ago. We have since reinstalled the OS (Windows XP Pro), and re-installed WD. We cannot get the data to update automatically. When we do a manual update, everything happens as it should, but the timed updates are not happening.

Can anyone give me some kind of clues as to what may not be set properly to make this happen?


Mike Ross
Litchfield Public Access

maybe the main internet switch is not ON in the connections setup?
best thing: email me your settings files
i.e go action, back up registry entry now
then email me the files wdisplay.ini and wdisplayftp.reg from the folder databackup