Help needed - Time Stamp Double overlay?

Hi Guys

Anyone help me remove this strange effect

I get it 10/15 times per hour

Very annoying effect on the motion capture for the hour and day movies

Replies and ideas appreciated

Ok… I have established that it isn’t related to the time stamp as the image still pulses (zooms) without the times stamp being switched on

It creates a magnified image 1 in 20 (randomly)

So the problem is caused at the point of copying my webcam gif and jpg.
The original source file is stored in my downloads folder and is a 3rd party image as I am using an IP webcam not a direct feed.
This image is rock steady and doesn’t zoom and doesn’t have movement sensors.

Hasn’t anyone else had anything similar happen?

The resulting time motion swf’s look horrible as a result

Any tips or ideas would really be helpful… thx

Holding my breath here… 8O

But i do believe I have it sorted!

I turned off the download 3rd party capture and got the direct feed (wdwebcamcapture) working (which is a first too)

45 minutes captured with no zooming… :o

The next upload should confirm - But looking good so far - at last