Help needed for hobbyboard lightning detector board with weather display.[FIXED]

Can I run the usb adapter with wmr200 weather station at the same time, both use usb as their interface, will it pose any problems for either system and Weather Display, the adapter is for the hobby boards lightning detector.

Right now the software seems to recognize the usb adapter, at least the one wire viewer does, but I am having problems with the sensor being recognized, since it is outside on the pole and it is raining off and on I will wait until tomorrow to bring it down, but I was wondering if there would be a conflict with weather display once it is working and if they will conflict with one another, do they need different ports specified for instance? If you know or use these together please let me know if this is a concern, if so I can move them to another system, but would like to use them where they are now if possible. Thanks!!

(edited subject since it has changed to more of a different problem)

the wmr200 is actually HID USB
there is no conflict

does the separate dallas1wirereader.exe see the sensor OK?

Onewire viewer sees it, but when I follow the directions posted here 1- Wire Lightning Detector Installation for adding it to Weather Display, where it gets to the press save/reset button, I have no box with the id listed, I have no box at all on my screen on the dallas onewire setup save/reset page of weather display. I reinstalled Weather Display ver 10.37Q Build 42 and still no box with the detectors id, no box at all. I am missing something but not sure what. I have the device listed in the description panel of the onewireviewer, and a tab named memory and one named file, not sure what to do with any of them so any help would be appreciated, and thank for letting me know there is no conflict that helps me understand more.

my settings

my settings 2

my settings 3


By the images above is the onewireviewer really seeing the lightning board, is it set up right by that pic, I think it is but I am not sure #-o , how do I view the memory with the utility, what do I need to do for weather display to see it if it is set up right. I have tried using the id on the viewer for the detector, but once I save it it disappears, further if I don’t hit save/reset and close it it is back to being empty on the next opening of the page. Where or how do I get it to accept the id? I have tried the tutorial and get stuck at this point, please any help would be appreciated. :smiley: I would sure like to get this working with four days of rain headed my way to see if it works, I have an idea on the antenna too I would like to try if I can get this to write to wdisplay. :slight_smile: I saw where NASA uses 66MHZ as it’s detection frequency and thought that a tuned antenna might improve the results, currently it has a 28" antenna made out of #10 solid copper and has a 10’ grounding rod buried 9 feet with #10 solid copper ground wire attached, it is sitting 10’ off the ground until I finish the set up and then it will be moved up to 20’, any ideas and help would be appreciated. :smiley:

In following the tutorial I do not get this in WD does this box only appear if it is detected or is the software not showing this box as a glitch or bug, if it is not detecting it can you tell from the images above if the sensor is even working, is it detected by the onewire viewer from Dallas, is it a sensor problem? I have not used one wire before, I understand the concept but not having set one up before I am at a loss, the other one wire sensors are shown to have a different interface image than what I have in the weather toys book so they are no help, but I don’t have an image of what the one wire interface from Dallas is suppose to show for a lightning detector from hobby boards, and it doesn’t seem to be detected by WD so I am beginning to wonder if it is the sensor itself, if someone could let me know if the normal interface page looks like the one posted above it would be of great help, at least narrowing down the problem would help, if it is detected by the one wire viewer then it is in the set up of WD, but if it is not detected then it is in the drivers or the board, could someone that uses this please verify what your viewer looks like with this sensor, thanks.

You cannot have the 1-Wire Viewer (Javascript coded) connected and running and expect the WD 1-Wire exe program to pick it up when the port is already in use. I am not sure if you are meant to have the Comport number set to 1 as the comport is not in use. Set that to 0. With the latest few versions of WD, probably Build 40 onwards, there is a new 1-Wire WD separate viewer program - a black logic chip image in Systray. Right click and View that.


Cool it is listed there with the id, now that means that WD is receiving data from it when counts begin I am assuming.

Well it is not picking up lighter strikes so something must be wrong or I am misunderstanding something. I have a good ground, the viewer sees the lightning ROM ID but nothing happens when I try t strike the lighter.

Are you running any other 1-wire sensors, if so, what is the chain order?

nope nothing else, just the one wire usb adapter and the lightning board, I brought it down and have it connected to the ground on my scanner antenna, which is also connected to another 10’ ground rod through a grounding block so good ground, I have an 18 gauge stranded wire now for an antenna 12" long and a direct connect through hobby boards adapter cable, fresh 9 volt, and the viewer picks up the rom id, but I get no counts from a lighter.

does the 1 wire switch ROM ID show in the separate running dallas1wirereader.exe ?
if so then set that ROM ID there for the lightning, tick to use that , and then click on save
then restart WD

This is what I have on the dallas one wire viewer (weather display).

I took this id and pasted it in the lightning tab on the dallas onewire set page, then opened the save/reset tab and hit save, restarted weather display.

Is this what you meant? Other than a lightning strike or a spark from a lighter like the barbque type, is there a way to see if weather display is reading this id? Did I do this right?

When I first set up the one wire software it automatically detected usb port 1, when I look in the device manager it lists it as port 5 on hub 1. Does this mean I should be using usb port #5 or the one auto detected like shown in the viewer in my post above.


This is most frustrating, with a lighter I have used usb port 1, 5 and 0 and no detection of the lighter clicks at at all, no counts. I am sorry I am having so many troubles with this, I hate to keep asking for help. This seemed so easy for everyone, seems I am attracting a different black cloud on this project, on of bad luck.

Does the maxim 1-wire viewer see the sensor?

This is what it shows;topic=51124.0;attach=42101;image

Sorry that is small it is the same as the first image I posted in this thread, it lists the device address, name and alternative name, and description as a 1 wire counter, I am assuming it is detecting it since it has it’s id which comes from the chip itself