HELP! - home weather stations

Having installed a ZoneAlarm firewall on my PC I have become aware that a programme “For home weather stations” on my P.C. is constantly trying to access the Inter Net each hour of the day. Not wanting my Internet Account to skyrocket I have prevented this programme doing its thing. Anyone know this programme? Is it part of Weather Display? (WxD continues to update my web page O.K. as the FTPUPD.exe is enabled on ZoneAlarm.)
I did download the “Weather Community” files a couple of months ago but lost track of them on my P.C. Is it this programme trying to work?
I think too that whatever it is – blocking with ZoneAlarm is probably adding to the memory loss on my PC – it needs rebooting every forty-eight hours. How can I eradicate what I consider to be at the moment this “troublesome nuisance”?