heavy weather

i am using heavy weather to update wdisplay the the problem is every so often the data stops the 3600 consol is fine is it the software or the serial port . im thinking of updating to a vantage vue and i dont want the same problem.

do you mean heavy weather software stops updating?

yes heavy weather stops updating

The Davis Vantage Vue won’t have this problem as it connects direct to WD, not via another program.

ok many thanks with the vantage vue what is the best serial or usb datalogger i have a serial port

They both about the same these days.
For future proofing a new system, personally, I would go for the USB.

There were problems with the USB dataloggers but these have mostly been sorted with new drivers. As long as you use the latest drivers, set it as a Serial device if you use WeatherLink to set it up and turn off the USB port power save options in Vista or Windows 7 then there shouldn’t be any problems.