Heat Index + Wind Chill addition to climatedataout files request


Would please and kindly consider adding the heat index and wind chill values to the climatedataout files? I ask as I would love to track the Heat Index and Wind Chill values of each day as they apply showing the highest/lowest temp value based on what is applicable. I wanted to be able to show others that we hit 107

do you mean like a custom tag to use (in the climate data template)
like there is for solar/uv, max/min hum?

Exactly. Yes please. This way I can track max Heat Indexes and lowest Wind Chill as appropriate each day.

as its winter here, I need a copy of your data files to test this
.zip and email me your data files
last31daysdata.inf and month62016.inf

Inbound to you at [email protected]


I have added this, to the latest .zip update
as custom tags

Excellent and THANK you greatly!

The %wc25% tag looks like it is not working as it showed no data for all six months I tried. The other days worked okay.

Is the %ht[1-31% tags displaying heat index values? Or humidex? Or something else?
The high heat index displayed in the testtags file shows a heat index of 105.3 for yesterday (June 19).
$maxheatyest = '105.3

I have fixed the wc25 tag now in the latest .zip update

it should be showing max heat index (based on the max temp and max hum reached for the day)
the maxheatyest uses the value shown under view, daily hi /low

The wc25 tag works now. Thanks.

When I use the max temp of the day and the max humidity, I get the numbers displayed in the ht tags.
But since the max humidity is typically in the morning and max temp is in the afternoon, this will produce some unrealistic numbers.

My understanding of John’s request is that he is wanting the same values in the ht tags as what would be displayed for the max heat index in the view, daily hi/low.

ah, got ya,the max heat index needs to be calculated or each data point, and its the max of all those calculations

Murray, you are 100% correct.

use latest .zip update

Just for clarification - this is still build 14 correct?

yeah, I have not updated the build number yet (will do that soon)
but you will know you have the latest version by compaing the modified date/time on the .exe file you are replacing

NO problem… Just checking to make sure… I just updated the program from the ZIP update.

And Brian, let me thank you for your time and willingness to add these items. It is greatly appreciated.