Heat index seems high

Current conditions=approx 67F
Windy gusting to 14mph
heat index reads 76 degrees.

wd version=9.92b

Just noticed this with the new version. No big deal but seems wrong. The weather.com and weatherunderground sites are reporting feels like temps =to actual temps

indoor temp is 75 F
indoor humidity is 50%

heat index is 76.5 F

Is is possable that the heat index is linking to the wrong temperature? Is there a setting I could have screwed up :slight_smile:


I have the same thing with 9.92a

Outside :

Heat Index 76.5F
Temp 65.3F
Wind 0.0MPH
Humidity 63%
Dew point 52.4F

Also the max gust/max wind average appear to be reversed in the table. The average is higher than the max gust :

Max gust since 0 hour - 9.4 MPH
Max average - 11.6


use the apparent temperature instead
the heat index actualy does get higher the lower the humidity, as it relates also to heat stress becuase of the bigger loss of water from the body, especiualy with windy conditions, even though a dry does not feel as hot as a humid heat
WD does show/report other ways, like apparent temperature and humidex

i have not changed anything in the program lately in regards to heat index,…