Heat Index Blinking Light

I have a WS 2310 on the 10.24k version of WD with a blinking green light beside the Heat Index box. I cannot find the problem or what it is suppose to be telling me when I click on the blinking light and look at the info screen this action takes me to. All LED’s there are steady green, and resetting the LED button does not effect anything on either screen.

Also, what are the letters “MDI” over this green light next to the words “Heat Index?”

Your assistance is appreciated.


Russell Tucker

Modified Discomfort Index see this thread and the linked thread for some info http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/10484

This post appears to fully describe the “MDI”


The formula for MDI is:

MDI = 0.75 X Wet Bulb Temperature + 0.30 X Ambient Air Temperature

This information is used in implementing a flag warning system to help
prevent heat casualties. The flags used in the system are green, yellow,
red, and black with the green flag indicating the least severe heat
condition and then increasing in severity until a black flag is reached.

What would it take to implement this into the Weather Display program with
some type of graphical alert using the following color code that corresponds
to the flag warning system?

Green Flag (or box in Weather Display) MDI of 80 - 84.9 Deg F
Yellow Flag (or box in Weather Display) MDI of 85 - 87.9 Deg F
Red Flag (or box in Weather Display) MDI of 88 - 89.9 Deg F
Black Flag (or box in Weather Display) MDI of 90 Deg F and above.


Good searching Bob. A really useful FAQ would be a glossary for all the calculated values, apparent temp etc etc

Thanks to all for the information - really great to have such great support.

Russ Tucker

As we try to put together a FAQ, as well as Brian has done a lot of work on the on-line FAQ…
Where do we start? - or when would it end?
Even Brian said once - “who created this maze anyway?”

as well as Brian has done a lot of work on the on-line FAQ.....
most of the credit for that goes to fred la plante

Well then thanks to Fred!
I recently looked at it and it sure has improved.


I’m sorry…searching through all links posted here I was still not be able to find a methods to stop the yellowish blinking MDI LED.
Any help would be appreciated.


you could always move it off screen via the main screen customisation