Heat Index and Temperature the Same - Why [RESOLVED]

On my computer, the Heat Index shows as Heat, and is the same temperature as the “Temperature.” The graph looks correct, but the numbers just above the graph of temp, hum, etc is not correct on Heat Index. Any explanation of what I have set wrong? On the main page of my web site: www.prattvilleweather.com, the Heat Index shows a correct number.

NOTE: I downloaded the latest WD to see if that would solve the problem. When the graph first appeared, all was ok with the Heat Index appearing and the correct value. HOWEVER, as soon as my mouse pointer touched the graph, the original problem reappeared and would not go away, even when minimizing it with “hide” and then re-looking at it. The problem still exists. Any ideas?


with the latest version, build 44, the value above the graph should be correct on the minute update ,yes?

Just downloaded the latest Wdisplay.exe and installed. Same problem. Heat shows above the bottom graph and is the same number as the temperature. This only happens if I just move my mouse over the graph to see what the heat index was at an earlier time. Before moving the mouse over the graph, the words “Heat Index” and correct value display. Both the wdisplay32.exe and the WDisplay.exe show today’s date after download and install.

However, you are correct. If I wait for a minute, the correct label and value return. So I guess there is no problem. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

the heat index value at cursor graph position should be displaying the correct value
.zip and email me your settings files and your data file, last31daysdata.inf, so I can try and duplicate the problem


Still having same problem, so emailed you the files requested, plus a couple screen shots.

make sure you are using the latest version of WD

Thanks for the new zip update!! The heat index data now follows the other data when the mouse is moved over the graph.