Hazards of Idle mind

It is almost 60 degrees right now, of course 30 tomorrow with a chance of the white stuff, listening to the school district radio with some dumb mickey mouse music… and the thought strikes me … Redesign the web page for spring.

OK… got to drink more of that Yurba Mate…what brilliant ideas be I have… argggg

Might not be a bad idea…take a couple of months to do it and you’ll be just about right!

Definitely this will take some planning… that is to use the maximum of what I have in the minimum crowding.
One definite plus, is the noaawarning provision of WDisplay … no longer use Interwarn. I couldn’t see using two programs when one does it all and of course some modification with Wdisplay live and the mml.

Perhaps a parade of dancing ants and scantly dressed female aardvarks scrolling across the screen… yep some planning is in order.

Do ants dance and female aardvarks dress scantily in spring time? I’d have thought that was more likely in summer?

rumor has it.

And how aard do you vark? :smiley: