having a problem with the NOAA reports

I did a search and found similar questions from others. The one most closely matching the issue I am having said the thread hasn’t been posted for over 60 days so I should start a new thread.

To make a long story short I just noticed my April 2017 NOAA report shows April 1 through April 23, 2017 and it is missing the remainder of April.

I checked the 42017lg.txt and it has data in it for the entire month. So I did the “Action>Convert Log Files to data files” thing. I went back to “View>Averages/Extremes NOAA style reports”, selected 4 2017, updated whole month, and it is still missing April 23 and up.

I am using Ver 10.37S45. Thanks in advance.

it could be that there might be too many data points in the logfile (repeated ones or similar)
there are some online logfile checkers
but .zip and email me the logfile and I will check it here

OK thanks, Brian. email incoming

hmm, if there are too many data points then could I have just used the 10 minute log file? But I’ll wait to hear what you have to say about the log first.


Talk about weird. I took a closer look at the log file and there are two sets of data recorded for each minute starting from April 1, 2017. Strange.

It appears a value changed during that minute so the software recorded both values in 2 separate lines for the same minute. Or something like that.

yes, that is the problem, the duplicate lines
which might have occured if you had 2 versions of WD running or you had the pc clock going back a few seconds every minute so that WD then went through the minute update 2x

if you can remove the duplicate records somehow…


ok thanks, Brian. I’ll see if I can figure out how to edit the duplicates.

data record fixed. wasn’t fun, LOL. everything good to go now. thanks, Brian.

have you found what caused the problem?

I’ve been trying to figure that out.

I do use time-sync software that adjusts the clock every 30 minutes so that could explain some of the double entries, but not all of them.

Only 1 instance of Weather Display was running per PC. I replaced the motherboard on an older PC that had WD running on it, but I did a clean install on the OS so I had to reinstall WD on it. I ran WD at the same time on my Win7 machine during the transition back to the old PC so at one time for a few weeks there were 2 machines on my network running WD. Once I believed the motherboard or RAM or the HD wasn’t going to fail I stopped using WD on my Win7 box. The WD directory on my WinXP machine was not shared so I don’t know how the Win7 would be able to write to a directory on another PC? At this point other than the time sync software I don’t really know how it happened?

it might be the time sync, that is where I would look