Has something changed for the main/24/42/72 wind graphs?

I upgraded from 9.58 to 9.61 over the weekend. Since then my wind graph has been plotting everything (speed & gust) less than 7mph (actually 90% is <5mph). I can see from the log files that the average wind has been between 7 and 10 mph and the gust has been between 10 and 20 mph on numerous occasions, yet my wind graphs appear chopped off! The scale is set to 25. Any ideas Brian? The last time it looked right was when the right temperature scale had dropped down after you tried to improve the temperature scaling.


Weather Data showing wind speed 7-9mph, gust speed 12-15mph

14:59 66.0

After installing 9.62a, it works again!

i have added some new auto/rescale routines to the graphs in wd, and it took me a few version to get it correct