Hail storm

We had a hail storm today. I wasn’t even home picked this up pry 15 Min later



WOW… Thats pretty good size. Any damage from it?

Those storms went up the East side of me. And the West side. But we didn’t get a drop.


There are some cars with damage and broken windows. nothing real serious. we had no damage of our own


I see that Joplin, MI, got a direct hit from a tornado, 24 dead :frowning:
I stayed a night in Joplin when tornado chasing back in 2009

Latest report I’ve seen puts the number of dead at 89. :frowning:


Catastrophic, images here.

there will be a lot more deaths count is 116 and the weather is rough down there with supercells and so forth. A real disaster. I wonder how many holywood stars will be doing benefits for them. The whole area is leveled and people are missing,

On the news they found hospital records 60 miles a way. They estimated the winds were 198 mph and the top of the thing was 18K feet. True tragedy

Aerial views.

I wonder how many movie stars, benefit concerts and out pouring of sentiment will be coming from the Hollywood crowd?

Yup, a little bitter. Out here in the midwest, we get our rears handed to us by Nature, we don’t loot, we don’t riot, we just help each other out, and try to make it a little better for someone else while it is rough for ourselves. No one comes to our aid, but they want us to watch their movies.

LA Times has a before/after aerial pic of Joplin, you can move the slider to see the difference 8O

someday we will understand these storms better. I hear it hit quickly even though sirens went off. They barely had time to react.


Many had 15-20mins of warning and either thought they were in safe places or chose locations that didn’t stand a chance against an EF5.

One example was someone who was driving when the alert went out and was going to take refuge in a nearby carwash, but got a call from a friend who needed help and went to help them instead. Going back later only to find the carwash completely destroyed (ie, good thing they didn’t go there). There have been a lot of descriptions like that.

You have to have a strong shelter to take a direct hit like that.

SPC issued a tornado warning (tornado at any time possible) 20 minutes before it struck, based on the rain radar and doppler which showed rotation (mesocylone)
but the tornado actually only formed just before hitting Joplin (note though they had very heavy rain and strong winds before hand anyway, so people would know that conditions were not the best , but the problem is alot of times no tornado eventuates when a warning is put out (I read something like 75% of the time), i.e a cry wolf sort of thing, but though considering the destruction, people must have take shelter, otherwise the death toll would have been higher I would think

Many Houses in that area are slab Houses (have No Basement at all) I would think with a EF5 tornado the chances without a basement would be slim. they are still saying close to 1000 people missing? I With that destruction I am not sure how they would know where anyone is