Guide for beginners..

Can anyone help me find my way. I would like that very much,
I do not understand the interrelationship between the different php files. For example. I want to change a web address in frames.php. This is explained in frames.php, so I succeeded. Then it says that you can add an extra 'menu option. That also works, but then something else disappeared. I wanted to fill the Web Cam line with an address, but I didn’t find Web Cam, at least in frames.php. The lines in frames.php do not match the lines of text in the actual menu. There is probably a simple connection with another file. But with which file.
So I think I believe my problem is referring to other files. But I’m not sure if it is. And I cannot find files in (presumed) references. in LTS2012, e.g. display-text.php. Is there a roadmap or something like that? Or is there some other simple explanation for a beginner, a newby like me. Thank you in advance.

The link to the first webcam should be set in your easyweather settings. If you do it that way, the popup and menu entry work without modifications.
99% of the users only have 1 webcam, no extra changes needed.


There is really no need when customising a template, to understand over 2 years of work.
And my work is based on someone-else design ideas and very fine work of another 4 years before iI took over.

Do no edit the scripts in the main pwsWD/ folder. Only as a last resort.
The scripts to modify are in the _my_settings/ folder.

Extra items:

If you want to change a lot, your definition of a “beginner” is different from mine.

And I cannot find files in (presumed) references. in LTS2012, e.g. display-text.php.
The first definition is there for users switching from older versions. They used display_text.php, but only 1 file could be displayed.
$frm_src[$frame]        = './_my_settings/display_text.php';
$frm_src[$frame]        = 'PWS_frame_text.php?showtext=';

There is now a new script to which you only have to give the name of the text-file and it will display that file.
In PHP two identical names on the left of the = will result in the last one used.
So the script to use (NOT TO MODIFY) is PWS_frame_text.php


I have no plans to change everything. Of course I can’t understand all that work that quickly. I am happy with the advice to adjust the files in “my Settings” if necessary and not the rest. I understand that so many years of work cannot simply be seen and understood in conjunction with each other. I read (don’t remember where) that if you want to provide a webcam address. You should change that in webcam_c_block and then also something in my settings, webcam_popup I think. That is where the question of mutual cohesion came from. But I have activated the address now. Thanks for the advice.