Great Temp/fan control Monitoring Program for Dell Laptops

Hello All…this may be old news to some, and New News to others.

I came across this Excellent (Free) Software Today called “18kfanGUI”…which can be Used on many different Dell Precision, Latitude and Inpirion LAPTOPS. It monitors Cpu Temps and Fan Speeds within your Laptop. It also has other features where you can set the Fans to come on when your temperature gets to a certain temp.
The interface is easy and simple and the setup is also very easy. To Download it and read more about it just visit here:

although the Software is Free…Paypal Donations are Welcomed.

I purchased a Dell Latitude C640 about 2 Months ago and noticed it Runs warmer than normal, and also the Fans dont seem to kick on early enough …therfore the Laptop is always real warm on base bottom, and most likely inside. After Installing this Software and setting the “Automatic Temperature Control” Mode…The Laptop seems to be running Cooler overall.

I have tried and used Intel Active Monitor, Motherboard Monitor and Speedfan on my Desktop Systems for temp monitoring and fan speeds, but this is by the far the Best software for The Dell Laptop.


also forgot to note…if you click on the "Manual Link…it shows screenshot of the program Interface.

I also wanted to note…I downloaded and am using the bottom choice download…the one that says Previous version 3.0