Graphs in dashboard flip back to current day - no history data shown

Hi Wim,
first: congrats for your work. I use your Dashboard since 2020. In the last two days I got a new PWS, moved my site to a unique domain and updated to your v2012. I did all of this, because the historic weather data could not be seen in the dashboard.
This has been the error: Only the current day shows in the graph, if you switch to another day/month/etc. the graphs “flips” back to the current day and does nothing else.
Now - after all the changes I have done to get rid of that error - it is still there :frowning:

My new station is reporting since 30 hours or so, WU shows all “historic” data, the dashboard of my PWS does so, too. But on your PWS Dashboard it doesnt work.
Maybe you could have a look and help?

Some facts you may need to do so:

  • I am running a Ecowitt GW1100A
  • My Wunderground ID is INIEDE649
  • The Cronjob is up and running every 5 Minutes
  • My site is
  • Despite the new URL - your script is still hosted at it’s old place (same server and parent directory, but another folder because of the new domain): and being plunged into wetter-niederkassel by iframe.

Hi tribaleye,

Today the graphs for any multiple day period show yesterday and the day before.

The WU station data shows only two full days

  • If you changed the WU-station-ID the data is loaded starting from the WU-start-date in your pwsWD-settings.
  • If there is one “past” day, there is only a point in the graphs. That one is nearly invisible
  • One needs two days or more to show the lines in the graphs.

Hope this explains it, succes


Hey Wim,
yes, right. Like said I replaced the old PWS with a new one and the first data is from 12th of June in the late evening. So there s data for 12th an 13th of June on WU. But I can’t see that in the Dashboard. The same thing happened with my old PWS and my old dashboarb (it had data reaching back years).
To show you more exactly what I mean, I made a quick Screenvideo. Please have a look here:

If you select “Heute” there is no need to select any day in the last drop-down.
“Heute” or Today is todays data from midnight to the last measuremnet WU is willing to terun.

To select another day-graph select “jeden tag” and the date (Year-Month-Day)


I am overwhelmed by my own stupidity. :weary:
Thank you for making things clear to me.

Nevertheless I have a suggestion for the next (translation) update: How about changing “Jeden Tag/Every Day” in “Tag wählen/Choose a day”)? Same with month and year? I think that would brighten up many visitors of the Dashboard.

By the way: There are some typos in the German translation of the Dashboard - Would you like me to show them to you?

And: Is there a possibilty for me as a user to change the text of, for e.g. “jeden Tag” by myself in one of the CSS files of the dashboard? If yes, in which one?

This file contains current translations

|All time|Allzeit|
|any day|jeden Tag|
|any month|jeden Monat|
|any year|jedes Jahr|

You can change the texts to your liking by changing the right part.

Also the default “english” translation can be changed by adding a line like

|any day|jSelect a day|

in the ./pwsWD/languages/lang_en.txt file

There will be no new full-downloads. And often users disagree about correct translations.
That is why users themselves can remove the typos or errors as described in

Open your language file: pwsWD/langauges/lang_xx.txt Where xx is your language code.
Search for the misspelled word and correct the right part. Leave the | at the end.

Best regards,