Graphs have stopped updating

Look at my graphs. The time progresses, but the graphs have stopped moving anywhere. Just happened today. Real strange. It looks like the time line moves but the values don’t change. I tried resetting the graph and instead of the flat lines that should be there, the graph reset it self to its previous values. What do you suggest. :?: :?: :?:

humm, something odd there
does a restart of the program help?
also check under view, program error log for any errrors?
and or try resetting your datafiles location, under setup, general and misc

Under datafiles, I went in and removed the graphdata files. They were very small considering , yet I removed them and they are reset. I looked at each log file, and it shows that there are changes happening as it should be reporting. I will go in and reset file locations to the default,but data is being written and I just rebooted the system.

This is an odd thing. I deleted the vp graph but things looked fine from last night to about 8:45 am. then it is like the whole fileupdate stopped and started again about 14:00 hours and went for about2 hours. I deleted this, so I don’t have anything to show. The size of the file was 276 records and should have been more for a 15 hour period. The realtime graph I reset the records just in case.

I checked the error log and it is clear of errors, the . So something stopped updating the graph and it shows a drop of 16 degrees no less per hour, it didn’t do that.

I think I will try to turn off the tray icon and see what happens, but this is a mystery.

I suppose if nothing else works, is to deal create a 4th version with a clean load and start over again, but I would like to figure if it is a WD issue or an Windows XP.

I’ll let it run overnight and see if it changes eventually at midnight. who knows?

Anyone out there with suggestions to help out??? :idea:

maybe, check you do not have share data file, under setup, general and misc
i doubt you have to do a #4 trick!
keep me posted.
and see if it settles down
also, check your PC clock/date is correct, too

I did have that checked. I also turned off the tray icon ( un ticked temp and didn’t have wind).

Computer clock is fine

Sometimes I think 98 % of the things that don’t work are the fault of Microsoft.

But I did check the share data and it was checked. I turned that off .

after setting share datafile to no, try restarting

if still no go, email me your settings and your latest.inf file (and check it is not read only, under file properties)

that seemed to work.

Joe, I think the problem is that the graphs are gallbladder powered…

i am confused as to what fixed it joe, please enlighten me (and not with gall bladder gas)

Yep, i get the same problem sometimes
a wd restart fixes the problem


Vantage pro Plus
Windows XP pro SP1

er. I should explain first the Gall bladder. Dana Hartsook is another VP person here in Des Moines. He lives a bit over from me about 4 or 6 miles. He has asked some questions on the vantage pro . Anywho he had been quiet for a while and then wrote me an email that he has been on the mend from a serious infected and gangerous gall bladder that hit him without warning. SO, being very, very tired, (damn ringing is back in the ears… No I didn’t answer it. But I think it was for you.) I mentioned that about 10 years ago I had a sudden gall bladder attack and removal . My wife had hers out last fall. I figured that W.matrix was getting a bit boring and suggested that there might be some correlation between owning a Davis VP and having a gall bladder attack. Of course I didn’t own one ten years ago, My wife has nothing to do with mine and he just got his. So supposing that I proposed that the wireless lost reception packets were causing or actually being absorbed by the gall bladder would be something real stupid to have posted, considering all the other bs that goes on there.

Anyway, the solution . I had ticked the share data as well as the icon in the tray. I went back, at Brians recommendation and removed the share data ( not certain what that does anyway), and while I was unticking stuff did the tray icon too. Rebooted and let it run. Seems to do the trick.

What I find interesting is that I downloaded 968 and it ran about 12 hours before hitting the wall, so to speak. So that puzzles me. I did get my emailed reports with changed data to school so I was not aware that the graphing was stalled. I checked the logs and they were fine.

So, the next phase would be to re-enable the tray icon and see if that has any bearing. on anything. I am guessing it was the share data item.

Now you have the whole taco.

hi joe
yes, i saw the posting re the gall bladder, and i was having some fun with you!
the share datafiles is for when you have a main verison of WD running on say another PC over a network, and you want to use those files instead (for the graphs etc)
do not use otherwise!

:? I also heard that there is a disease called Radowski’s disease everything you eat turns to poop.
:lol: :wink:


On the first program restart in April the on screen graphs were lost. I don’t know if this is due to the month roll-over or changes you made. Then again it is also April 1st and we all know what you’re like know… :twisted:



Happened to me also. I’m pretty sure it happens every ‘end-of-month’
The graphs just stop updating until I restart.
I think Brian said it might have something to do with how WS2010 logs data, i.e. the notepad log gets too full and and gives WD acid reflux disease.


if you are using the 12 hour graph, its OK
but if you are using the 24, 48, or 72 hour grpah, then I can see how this will happen:
i.e wd needs to load up the newly created month file name (which starts with limited data from the prevoius month)

pls have a quick look at my website
a quick WD restart fixed the problem


I’ve changed my comport to 2, and see if it works, if not, i’ll swipe the hard drive and start again.