Graphs frozen again


The graphs on the newest version are frozen again for (at least) LaCrosse 2010 stations. I went back to an earlier version that was working (9.32d), but they still will not move.
You must have upset the beast again :o


i hope not
anyone else got this with a WS2000/Ws2010 type station?

Hi Brian,

Merry Xmas!!!

Sorry to tell you but it’s true. Also the time of the logfiles are not changing, only 122002ws2000log.txt is updated.

Now back to 9.38C, everything OK.

I did shift the location of those 2 procedures…to actualy help a problem I had,and that must have upset it
i will check

try vers 9.38a
(and wait for the 10 minute period)

hopefully its onwards and upwards!!