Graphs do not update propertly

Hi there! :smiley:

Wd does not update the barometer, 48 hours, 72 hours and month- todate graph correct.
The barometer line is outside the the graph limit with the month-todate graph.
The temperatur line is outside the graph with the 48 and 72 hours graph.

The 24 hours graph is ok.

The wind direction is display the wrong direction in the realtimegrpah, and have alaways been wrong at me.

Is there anybody who has experienced this, any hints?

Knut Bersaas/LA9QFA

big list of things i am getting through, this is on it…
its becuase of your large swings in the barometer during the month
note, under view, graph history, then click on month to date, then real time graph, it will be much better
i could have option to have that graph saved and updated to the web site daily…

Ok, fine Brian! :smiley:

Thanks for your reply.
Sorry but the button Real Time Graph is greyed down(not active)
So no solution yet.


choose a day other than today first, then month to date