Graphs all showing crazy rain data

It has not rained here the past seven days. I just noticed that some of my graphs are showing crazy rain graphs. Look at these 3, which have imaginary rain!

The weekly graph shows the correct data i.e. no rain

I suspect this started with 9.89D.


i have just looked
no rain showing on any of the graphs at all

Yes, it was very strange, I restarted WD and after 5 minutes all the graphs showed correct data - I cannot explain it.

The graphs are showing strange data again. It did rain yesterday for a time in the early afternoon, but the graphs show the rain starting later.
shows rain starting at 17.00 and the reset to zero at 02.00 instead of 12.00 am

The realtime graph correctly shows the rain starting at 1.00pm approximately.


someone else reports a similar thing
it seems wd is pumping i too much data…i.e shifting the graphs along too fast…
i think i am seeing the same thing…i will know later today after the rain reset

i wonder what i have upset…
i dont see any double entries in the log file for the same minute…

its raining here at the moment, and the start time on my graph matches the real time graph, from 6 hours ago, so its OK for me,
strange what you are seeing

ian, i think its the change in the month that is to blame, where last months data is appended onto the end of this months data file at midnight

also, Ian, maybe give the table title a different name than index ?
(under setup, web files setup, title of web page)