Graph Straight Lining

Hi Brian,

I now have the time to try and get my system and wdisplay up and running again. I am having a problem with the graphing of the outdoor sensor (sensor #1) It is showing as OK though in the LaCrosse Data Report.

I am unable to try ealrier versions as my back up program files have been lost.

Any Ideas?


PIII 450MHz, WIN98SE, WD9.46b, LaCrosse WS2010

hi bob
are you using the latest?
do you have the sensor to use as your outdoor sensor set in the ws2000 setup screen?

good luck, i am away for the next 4 days./…


Answer to both questions is yes.


make sure the data logger is as far away from the pc as possible
and try a battery re insert, and have no software accessing it for 15 minutes

Hi Brian,

Did all you suggested and ended up with nothing for a long time. Now have signals back, but once again there is no change in the graph although the sensor is being reported as OK.



I have tried other software to temporarily display my weather station on my PC. It has been logging and displaying my weather station without a problem. The can only conclude there is a problrm in WD.


Hi Bob
I have been away
back now
no other reports of problems , except 1 similar
whats the status now?
maybe try adding a barometer offset to get the barometer reading to a real figure from the raw reading?

Hi Brian,
Welcome back, I hope you had a nice holiday.

I have been trying to collect more info on this problem this week. Here are my observations… (WinXP home, P3-700, Lacrosse WS2010)

  • When it is failing, switching to some other software does not always
    lead to getting good readings.
  • With Weather Display, and with PC Weatherstation software, both are
    were receiving errors on outdoor temps when it was failing.
  • The outdoor sensor was working, since the LCD display was getting
    temp updates during the time that Weather display was
    flatlined. The computer interface is much closer to the outdoor
    temp sensor than the LCD display.
  • Removing the batteries, then re-inserting the batteries (forcing a
    interface reset) fixes the problem.
  • The change you made for me in 9.45b seemed to improve the
    operation a lot. It went from frequent flat-lining to occasional
  • During the flat-line failure, all other data seems to be ok… wind
    speed/direction, indoor temp/hum, barometric data all ok.
    Only the outdoor temp data is bad.

Today, it has failed twice. Yesterday, twice also. Prior, it had been good for days. I just did the battery reset again. This time I got a couple
good readings and then it flat lined again.

SO, this is looks like this interface is really flaky. I have to wonder if it is my unit, or if others do this.

I think if the interface software can send a frequent reset signal, to make sure the interface is not in some funny state, then it might be more reliable.

I would be interested in your opinion on this. Do you think I have a bad interface?


Hi Brian,

I hope you have had a good trip and welcome back.

Well I do not have good news for you. The WD interface is probably not operating correctly with the LaCrosse WS2010 as I have not been able to get the outdoor sensor (Temp, Hum, Press) to graph at all. It is shown in the interface status as being OK though.

The other software I have has shown the readings OK when I have had it running.



hi bob
being ok in the status window is 99% there
what is the barometer reading displayed there?
do you have your correct baro offset needed entered?
i will add some debug code so we can see what is going wrong, for you, tomorrow…

Hi Brian,

Sorry, Initial feedback from your suggestion of setting a barometer offset is not good. I have updated to v9.47 and this had not effect either.

Any other ideas…


hi bob

someone thing else to try:
tip the rain gauge to add some rain…
just might fix it

Brian, Tried the raingauge as suggested. Unfortunately didn’t work. Bob

5:30 am here
adding in some debug code
(bit hard to see…have conjunctivise in the eyes, from the baby :frowning:

hi bob

and check under view, program error log after the data arrives

Hi Brian, Snow here this morning in Chesapeake, VA and 27F (on the LaCrosse console).

I have installed the special version of WD and left it running overnight. The display of the log that you added is displaying the baraometric pressure and temperature.

The pressure is showing changing numbers which is confirmed by the graph display. The temperature however, is not changing and ‘stuck’ at freezing point. This is also confirmed by the graph (straight line) as is the humidity and obviously the dewpoint.

The other program I have tried (supplied with the station, but the latest revision) is still logging OK.

Regards, Bob

waht is your temperature in oC currently (or oF)

Temp is in oF and continually reads 32F.

I have also excluded any problems with the outside temperature sensor and ran it for a couple of hours indoors. The outside temp in the LaCrosse console rose to 67.6F ( house setting is at 68F ) but throughout this WD kept indicating 32F.

Incidentally, snow melt was recorded on the rain gauge during the thaw this morning, so everything OK there.



ok, found it this time
for the standard web table updating.
if you set your today snow to zero,it will be OK

I will upload a fix now
and to the other server (but the server is working from here…maybe this trogan worm is denying access again !

opps, wrong posting

now, bob
in the ws2000 window, is the temperature reported ok there?