Graph solar sensor percent value rather than the temperature

Brian, Would it be possible to add the ability to graph the solar sensor percent value rather than the temperature. This way the graph would be more meaningful in terms of peaks are sunny and :smiley: valleys are cloudy. It would be a quick glance way of seeing a days worth of solar activity.

Would this be hard to add?

patience greg
i will add it (have both actualy)
your not the only one wanting things done/fixed
and busy with oldests 5 th birthday and first day at school, etc
not to mention the farm falling down around my ears

Brian, I apologize for being so inpatient I was just afraid the request would get buried and you wouldn’t get a chance to see it. I’m in no hurry at all. Now I feel bad for being the pushy one.

greg, its looking pretty darn good now
i was actualy logging the %, but it was not visible
new vers ready in a minute
i also discovered if using a client, solar data was conflicting from the server data…

try a new vers now greg

hey greg, its working for me quite nicely

it was a good idea :slight_smile:
sorry i gave you a rev up
your used to that now, yes?!
i see you are a senior forecaster now with all the posts…whats next, chief executive?

It was working for me plus it was a filled in graph. But I just checked again and all my real time graphs are messed up. (See other post). The dates are all wrong and if I pan/move the graph right or left the dates range from august to early october?

use the clear records (and then maybe restart wd)
its not my fault when it does that, but a quirk of the component
milking time here