Graph Setup - Sunrise/set markers + Solar

I know its possible because the main WD website screenshot shows it but I can’t seem to find how to configure the following main graph options - see attached for my setup.

  1. My sunrise/set and tide high/low markers appears within the time axes as well as a marker - how do you remove these from the time axis, leaving just the markers within the graph?

  2. My solar is shown as yellow blocked-in, but the solar text heading above the graph is a different colour - how do I make the text above the graph the same colour?

Thanks guys, I spent a little while now and I bet someone knows :slight_smile:


the answer to 1 is that it depends on the spacing and the size of the text at the time position
(i.e its automaticly handled by the graphing component)
if you set the time format to show am/pm or larger font then the word will not be able to fit and so it will not get plotted
one solution is I make the word longer, so that its less likely to fit

the solar block is a gradient colour,which you can set the start and end colour, hence its not going to match exactly the text (except at a certain point in the gradient)
as an option
set the solar graph line colour to similar to the solar gradient colour you have set, so that the text is similar

I have increased the spacing in the wording in a new .zip update
try that

Thanks for the help unfortunately I have tried this out but neither helped as follows:

  1. Tried the new zip and it still displays “Sun Set” in the time axis, I think I preferred it as a single word if I am honest. Also tried switching to 12hr time and this didn’t help. Is it possible to have an option to switch these indicators on in the time axis?

  2. Changed the solar blocked gradient so that it colours from and to bright yellow i.e. no gradient but the solar text and value above the graph is still a dull colour that does not correspond to the graph colour :frowning:

I also have an additional problem related to the main graph and think it may be a bug, sorry:
3. The indoor temperature is plotted correctly although the text entry above the graph does not reflect the current indoor temperature. If I watch the graph update periodically and see the outdoor temperature change correctly the indoor temperature is not correct in relation to my VP2 console and WD temperature reading - see attached.

note that as the sunset/rise times migrate compared to where the hour time line is, the word will either show or not
is it really a big problem?
(as that is where it used to show originaly before the new compiler version anyway)
as I noted above its something that the graphing component auto does, I have no control
if so, then turn off the showing of the sunrise/set in the graph setup, solar setup
also is it really such a problem that its changed from sunset to Sun set?
if so, then you can set your own wording in the language.ini file

as for the solar label,if you have set to show max solar, then that is the problem
use a new .zip update to fix that

No not at all really, just a personal preference. :slight_smile:

Ok I will try the updated zip and test the solar label tonight - thank you.

Did you see my comment about the indoor temperature label also? I have been monitoring this and the indoor temperature label always states 19.0 degrees regardless of the variations of the plot at that point in time and the WD current conditions (see screenshot I attached previously).

I do not have that problem myself, with the indoor temperature label
must be a setting you have in use
(I would need to your settings file to try and duplicate)
but make sure you are using the latest version

When I updated to WD 10.37Qb29 the Indoor Temp graph label worked.

I still can’t get the Solar graph label colour to match the plot even after trying the colour gradient options for the blocked solar plot.

did you see my post to use the indoor hum colour?

No I didn’t see it in this thread but many thanks though as that has sorted the Solar label colour. :smiley:

Not sure if this is something I have done recently but I use to be able to change the sunrise/set high/low tide marker colour including the text label within the graph.

This was set to cyan in the graph colours setup but seems to of resorted to dark blue - if I change the colour option it just changes the marker line colour and not the text. Am I changing the wrong attribute?