Graph of Current vs. Averages shows a current and average value for April 31st?

Hi everyone!

Under “View averages/extremes to date”, when I select the “Graph of current vs. averages” tab for April 2007, I get current and average temperature readings as well as a windspeed record on the graphs for the 31st day! All other month graphs are shown correctly.

Why is this happening? The graphs show a day which even does not exist! Where might be these values coming from? What could be wrong or malfunctioning? Does anyone have a similar problem? How could I get rid of it?


Ozgur - could you post a screen shot of the graph so we can see exactly what the problem is that you are experiencing.

When I look at mine I am not sure I see the same issue.


Thanks Breeze, I will be sending a screenshot as soon as I am back at home, I am at work now…


i just simply dont have the code detecting that its a month with 31 days in it when graping the month to date graph
i will fix that over the next few days
for now just ignore that glitch

Hi Craig,

I forward here the screenshot of the “Graph of current vs. averages” for April 2007. Here you can see the day 31st with some readings (current and average temperature, also windspeed). This day neither exists (April is just 30 days), nor could it anyway be recorded yet, it is a future date! This graph shows only the past weather records up to date, not the future…


Here is the screenshot: