Graph Flatlining on ver 9.85d

Just downloaded and installed 9.85d, in hopes of a fix for the graph label problem reported by me in another posting.

All graphs on the main display immediately went into the familiar flatline failure mode we have often seen with Lacrosse 2010-13.

I had not seen flatlining on version 9.85b and previously on 9.83e for the past month or more. I had been working great!!! best ever.

I reinstalled 9.85b and the software is now reading the interface ok, graphs look correct as before. Did someone pinch the beast and awaken it? I hope not.

humm, not intentionaly
no other reports at this stageā€¦

I am sure it was not intentional. May have been an anomoly, co-incident with my install of 9.85d.

Since I reported the issue, 9.85b has worked great. After years of problem with the Lacrosse, I guess I am a little over-reactive. If others are not reporting problems, then I should give 9.85d another try.

give it a try
the only thing i tweaked was to do with log file after a data extraction at start up

Must have been a computer gremlin. I installed 9.85e and it has worked fine. Great job.