GPS via USB?

Finaly got hold of a NMEA compatible GPS receiver. Went to try it out with WD found that only COM ports are supported. Unfortunately my GPS has only USB. Is there a way to use a USB device that I am unaware of?


Usually Com port 5 or 7 will act as your USB connection providing you do have USB connections on your server.

Thanks for the info. But two problems there. WD only supports COM 1 - COM 4 in the GPS page. And I have a multi-port serial card assigned to ports 7-10.

Now I see why you have the problem… Well, just talk nice to Brian and maybe he’ll pull his magic… :?

unfortunatly the component i have used for thegps only goes to com port 4

I was afraid of that. And the manufacturer doesn’t provide a serial port option. Tried a software USB to COM port package, but it wants to put the data on a COM port 11 !!!

Guess I am not intended to play with your GPS code. Darn!


i have now the option to use all the way up to com port 9
in a new 10.17e version of WD, uploading now

(I had to register the component for it to be able to use up to com 9)

someone want the location data available for a mesomap display/.///
so I will make it available as a custom tag next

done that actualy

(so you will still have to see if you get the usb port to 9 or less?
or maybe i can tweak the source code to allow up to com12