Got my own domain (Finally!!)

Everythig is up and running well.

Congratulations, looks good!

You might want to add a bogus middle initial to your name or even use “web admin” in the whois record so you’ll know where all that junk mail came from :smiley:

very nice indeed

You might want to add a “Home” button/link so your visitors can reload the main windows index page.

If you add the background (1.jpg) to some of your other pages your Site will look more uniform. The background will probably make some of your text hard to read. If that proves to be true, use can use a color tag (white?) for the background in the table you’ve set up.

Not sure if it’s important to you, but you may want to leave a means for someone to contact you. Praise you for OutStanding Weather Coverage, offer you the ‘Site of the Year Award’ or send you buckets of money. If you decide on email, I’d suggest hiding it from the bottom feeders and nasty 'bott’s. A simple ‘form mail’ works well for this also.

Other than that it looks quite good. :slight_smile:

Here’s a very strong solution to the mailbot problem

But be careful because simple FormMail’s can often be hacked by spammers to send out another zillion messages, so make sure you pick a good one that’s known not to be hackable.

I’d suggest Jack’s FormMail v5.0 if doing it that way. It has none of the security problems related to the old formail script. I’m not aware of any problems when using Jack’s. And it has many capabilities.

All in good time! Now that I seem to have the problems with my 1 wire station mostly sorted out, I can concentrate on getting my web site the way I want it. But thanks for the suggestions too!