Got ADSL but WD still tries to dial in :(

Got a little problem here ( well I’m new to a permanent connection :slight_smile: ):
I’ve installed ADSL yesterday and all seems to be working fine . There are some problems though : for one : WD still tries to dial in even though I’ve ticked the "ihave apermanent connection " box . I even removed all ISP’s from the ISP box. I did connect the phone cable from the adsl splitter to my phone - inlet of my computer , according to the instructions of my modem this was the best way to go , could this be the problem ?? I’ve also noticed that Norton antivirus live-update also tries to open the modem-port and dial in. Anyone got any pointers for me on how to solve this ??

WD 9.84a
windows 2000 sp3
256MB ram
alcatel speedtouch adsl modem ( ethernet modem )

I’ve configured the modem with the cd that came with it , and everything works perfect apart from the above problems…

You do have the LAN output from your ADSL modem connected to your network card in your computer? If so:

Try opening MS Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, Connections. Delete anything under Dial-up settings. Click in LAN Settings and tick Automatically detect settings. Click OK You may also try deleting any Dial-up connections you have under settings, Network and Dial-up Connections.

thanks !! that did the trick …I can still add the dial-up connection again when needed ( if , and only if my new dsl connection is out :lol: ) right ?

Yes you can. But why delete them entirely. If you have checked under the Internent Options in Internet Explorer “Dial whenever a network connection is not available”, it will do just that. If you loose your DSL your system will then start the ‘nagging’ pop-up to dial-up or work offline.

Plus, being on DSL myself, I can also dial out while my DSL is active. Just remember in doing so, all access to the Internet will temporarily use the dial-out connection instead of the DSL until you disconnect the dial-up. Once the dial-up is done and shutdown, all reverts back to your DSL.

ok , I followed up on the first suggestion ( can always switch back to dialup when I need to ) and removed all the dialup-connections in all settings ( network and dial up in configuration screen and all entries in IE ) . It still shows up in WD however and I sometimes get a RAS error when the ftp-program starts ( everytime WD starts up there’s still a ISP in the dialup providers box even though I deleted it everywhere …) . How can this be , do I have to edit the ftp.ini file in order to get rid of it ?? Norton updates without problems so the settings in IE are now correct , it must be something in WD …I have ticked the "I have a permanent connection "box and left everything else alone . It simply persists in wanting to dial into a non-existent ISP ( non-existent now that is ) so I get the RAS error…anyway to lose this??

this is the error I get ( direct quote of windows :lol:) :

" TmsRas component was unable to detect RAS on your system "

What does this mean ? Do I need to install RAS , if so from where ( windows cd or what ) ??