Gone for a week and now I'm hearing of a control panel?

what is it?

Put simply.
Previously when you clicked on setup you were confronted with a long list of text-a bit daunting for a newbie. 8O 8O
Now when you click on setup using 9.99l or higher you see a page with
about 12 icons, each of which corresponds with the appropriate area
i.e. if you click on the icon of the sun it takes you to the solar setup area.
I think this a really great feature, Brian has excelled himself on this one !!
8) :idea: 8) :idea: 8) :idea:

thanks leo
yes, i am getting good feedback on it!
but having a teething problems getting it deployed…but will get there

yeah, i have had one too many complaints of the poor setup interface i thought it was about time i did something about it

put 9.99l on earlier today but when tried the control panel button got nothing is this part of the problems your having


yes, its fixed in 9.99m

just loaded 9.99m on test unit looks good

Merry Christmas

It’s great! :smiley: