Gifs wont upload

I really don’t know where to start, so I will just say what is going on.

I just got a website domain and am ready to start uploading my page.

The only thing that is getting sent is my index.htm

None of the gifs are being sent.
I can view my page here, just when I upload it, it is just the white back ground.
I am using the ftp program that is in WD.

I thank you for your time,



I would think that to get started the easiest way to check if everything is set up properly would be to go to Action/Run a web page setup wizard… Walk through the wizard slowly and carefully and if you have any specific questions about a setting or function just ask them here…


the clue was in the , ftplog, view full log, which you sent me…
it said port disconnected…
now, either thas a firewall issue, or you need to use passive mode, or even your ISP might not allow gif files even…something going on with your ISP…