GIF's and JPG's

Love this program, now that I take /make notes, it’s getting easier on me…



JPGs = good for photos (webcam images), but no animation possible and not good for graphics, i.e. text/boxes on plain backgrounds
GIFs = good for graphics, animation possible, but not as good for photos with small file sizes

Its interesting that the GIF in the webcam image appears to show the cloud formations better than the jpg version though.

I didn’t really notice that, Kevin, until you pointed that out.

You are right in that the gif version does show the cloud formations better, but it is a very choppy picture. Although the jpg version doesn’t show as much detail, the image is not nearly as choppy. Just my opinion.


The quality of the camera and the resolution it has can make a big difference.

Mine is about the same resolution as Ken’s. (Pretty dark around there for noon)


also, gifs only have 256 colours available, whereas jpgs have 1000’s :wink:
a gif is also smaller file size too

Gotcha. Thanks Brian and Kevin…

That explains a bit. :wink: