GFS data for forecasting

Chris I can see that at least for me GFS data is now there but its from the 21st Nov (Friday at 18:00), and I understand that you are kinda busy right now but have you some idea when GFS may return to normal?

It will then give those of us using it a chance to stop rushing round like mad men downloading READY data :lol:

Thanks for all your hard work getting us back on air.


It could be this evening, but that depends how many other bugs I need to squish. I’ve got about an hour left before I need to go do some other stuff for the day. My first change to really get back on the PC will be after 7pm tonight.

As I said Chris I know your busy… so we will wait patiently. This things always happen at the most inconvenient times…


It’s always fun moving servers…stuff that’s worked perfectly for months/years doesn’t work, so what should take minutes sometimes takes hours.

I’m getting there though…MML should be better now which was a prime area of concern.


I’m running manual forecasts for now, using ready data until the problem is fixed.

Unfortunately, the ready autoit script isn’t working because NOAA has made some changes to the layout of the webpages! :frowning:
Is there any fixed autoit script around?

Good luck Chris!


Here is the latest copy of my script. You need to edit it as it has my data in the user customisation stuff, so copy your data over to this new script.


autoit.au3.txt (7.91 KB)

I just fixed a problem with the GFS data downloader and it’s downloading some data now. Assuming there aren’t poblems with the data processing side (there could well be) then there might be data available in about an hour. Otherwise I’ll get back onto it this evening.

Thanks Chris, I’ll check my lunchtime download and see how it goes…


The 06z forecast run is downloading at the moment. I’ve fixed the problem that stopped the 00z run, but I’ll have to see if any other dependencies are broken with the different OS build on the new server.

sounds familiar to me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thanks for the good works

Thanks Stuart!

The ready script works fine!


The GFS data processor is looking better. It’s onto phase 2 of 3.

06z run data now available :slight_smile:

Typical since I’ve just got READY to work again properly :wink: :wink: :wink:

Seriously that’s great Chris, thanks…


Hi Chris

Thank you very much - I can confirm that it is working.

Best regards,


working fine

thnx chris

Woohooo :))


Thanks Chris, I expect it’s been another long day for you.

I never did get the READY downloads to work for me, I tried both Jim’s & Stuart’s files but it paused on the screen before the one with the capcha code on it, the same as others have found. It would be handy to get this working for the future. :wink:


GFS data ok! Up and running again! :smiley:

Thanks Chris!


not so here. WXSIM keeps telling me that it cannot find or see wdata.txt.
However, I confirmed that I created that file just fine using wxsimate. I’ m at al loss for now.

Ton Heuvelmans
Bemmel, the Netherlands