Getting NOAA-style Daily Reports

I was wondering if anyone knows how to get NOAA-style daily reports out of WD?

Those are reports that would have the observations by each hour of a 24 hour period for a given day, including hourly rainfall. Actually, even having the rainfall intensity being able to be broken down to smaller intervals would be useful. But at least getting hourly data is a pretty crucial thing during flood episodes (or, even, in general).


I am emailing the noaa reports to myself 4 times a day and it has been working very well. Is that what you mean? (I use to do this in case of a testing induced crash and as a backup)

Also, I do the climate data update at the end of each day and it also works well. See my site under Almanc.
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So are you getting hourly rainfall breakdowns, Jim? I don’t mean the conventional monthly NOAA reports that has the max, min, avg temp, daily rainfall amount etc. I mean hour by hour breakdown of rainfall amounts.

Here are pics of the 2 reports I send myself. I suppose if you are sending the daily report hourly you would see the hourly amount. Mine are sent 4 times a day. I didn’t know there was even a NOAA report that broke it down hourly though which would be cool, but these seem to work.

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Thanks. There is a way of sending hourly reports to yourself? I’ll check that out…that would be my bad.

But here’s the idea, from a local Remote Automatic Weather Station.

oooo, I like that report too :slight_smile:

OK, you go to View>Noaa Reports, and Internet Setup, and select what you want from there . That’s how I did it. Mle sure you also go to Control Panel> Ftp&connection>email and fill in the server stuff there as well (for your email server)

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I notice that I had used code from the windows version (I.e I updated the noaa upload code) but I forgot to make a couple of changes needed for the mac version (due to the way the compiler works)
the latest build 39 .zip should fix that

Hey Brian. I used the .zip update. It says to install the files into MacOS. Do you mean all the files on the unzipped file? There are two there besides…that normally do NOT go into MacOS.

John, the other files go in the Applications/wdisplay folder NOT the MacOs folder, and run the permissions script also for your system from the wdisplay folder as they will have changed after the placement of those files.
Or run the new installer :slight_smile:

Windy, could you delete that build 39 zip file off the downloads page? It is causing a lot of confusion as it is giving 4 files this time with incorrect install instructions… and the new installer is build 39 so much easier.
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I really cant understand why the .zip update causes problems for people though
yes, just the executable goes into the MacOS folder, the other file updates into /Applications/wdisplay/
I just thought it was an easy wasy to get updates out without Jmar having to create a new full install

Brian, there were really no problems. It is just that instructioins said to put contents of unzipped file into MacOS. Really it was just WeatherD. I figured it out, but you can see how that might confuse people.

As always, we all appreciate your efforts.