Getting historical rain data over a couple days

After surviving TS Beryl, I’ve had a request to get rainfall information.

Is there a way to export a report with the hourly rainfall for specified dates. I’ve seen where to get daily rain and monthly rain, but I would like to see like an hourly or half-hourly rainfall count. Is there a way to get such a report out of WD?

if you go to view, real time graph
there you can click, hold , then release to then get the rain total over that time period
that might help
otherwise loading the space de limited main logfile into a spreadsheet (i.e excel) you should be able to total up the rain in last minutes for the time periods needed, or similar

That was quick. :slight_smile:

I’m looking to save this report and send it to someone as they are interested in the hourly rainfall. I did see some CSV files in /WD/logfiles/, (*lgcsv30.csv & *extralog.csv), but they’re filled with a lot of negative numbers. The inf files in /WD/datafiles are *.inf. Is there a way to convert or export inf files to CSV?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I found where to export data files into CSV files. I’m going to pass along the CSV file onto the user.